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WARNING! Dear friends, continuing criminal action against decent Bulgarian Lalu Metev who afford to write in Cyrillic here, so as we do and hundreds of Bulgarian Geni-users. This not only affects us all but our honor, dignity and pride, but also the reliability of historical reality and eternal rights. Therefore, we strongly condemn the behavior of the new President of Geni.com - Noah Tutak, as demand for the immediate recovery of our accounts in their previous working order and served on his official apology.

Please, stop collaborating with those who do not have any respect to our work and language!!!

[The Geni.com members of Bulgaria]

Why Noah Geni Team, allows stealing to foreign

intellectual property rights of their Bulgarian users?

The biggest and unique Bulgarian database in Geni numbers at the beginning of 2010 more than 75,000 names. It was started by Lalu Metev in mid-2007. He began scoring genealogies of prominent families and relatives from Bulgaria, or general data about 50.569 bulgaians. Then Boris Stanimirov added information about 1892 people and hence included Svetlana Dyakonova (8102), Lubov Vinarova (568) Petyo Petkov (1266), Nikolay Kolev (478), Ivan Maleev (1421), Silvia Valkova (1163), Rositsa Kovacheva-Meteva (999), Victor Kondov (585), Arch. Olga Bakardjieva (1410) and more than 200 other collaborators. Its generic studies. In an increasingly long list including new names and new and very interesting information.



Although neglect small part of this database is intertwined with the efforts of some foreign participants in the project, mainly from Scandinavian and Baltic countries - Henn Sarv, Susanna Engberg Barnevik, Bjrn Petter Brox etc. opponents of Profiles written in Cyrillic, looks like trying to impose its power thesis, borrowed mostly from less credible myths and legends, The Geni Team (Noah) decided violating our agreement temporarily suspended Lalu Metev"s Main and assistant accounts, ignoring the Main Geni-principles: Name as close to original name as possible, language, geography and time period; Names in the language used by the people in that culture!


- "In recognition of Bulgarian language as an authentic language of contracts, official and working language of the European Union institutions Cyrillic is becoming one of three scripts to be used officially in the European Union. This essential part of cultural heritage is of particular Bulgarian contribution to the linguistic and cultural diversity of the Union." *From the Treaty of Accession of Bulgaria to the EU

Geni is solving the problem of genealogy by inviting the world to build the definitive online family tree. Using the basic free service, users add and invite their relatives to join their family tree, which Geni compares to other trees. Matching trees are then merged into the single world family tree, which currently contains nearly 40 million ancestors and living users. Pay services include enhanced research tools as well as keepsake products created from family tree data. Geni welcomes casual genealogists and experts who wish to discover new relatives and stay in touch with family. Geni is privately held and based in Los Angeles, California.

Whether Geni is really private, since we are restricting access by Noah Tutak?

How do we ensure that only the people in our family tree can log in to our tree and our profiles,

since we ourselves can not.

Why Geni share our personal information with third parties and some Noah Tutak Pro-friends?

Why is all this censorship to Cyrillic? Who benefits from this change language and our history?

Why impose a double standards in Geni.com?

We think storing data representing intellectual property of Lalu Metev and related users without the possibility of their use on Geni Network, contrary to the laws of privacy and may be used for commercial purposes by the so-called Pro-users, which have an opportunity for unlimited copying of our information protected under the provisions of the intellectual property and related rights.

On the rest of Geni Team arguments is right to be given the personal opportunity of Lalu Metev for explanation, although he is not obliged to give in this unprecedented situation, as we complete reason to believe that it does not affect or will affect any one"s rights. The rest are pure innuendo, without specific reference to sources, the more that comes to our discretion with whom to partner, or use the opportunity to block them, if they interfere in the work.

Please, click the "Block This User" link at the bottom of profiles for this persons: Noah Grzegosz Tutak, Henn Sarv, Susanna Ingrid Engberg Barnevik and Bjrn Petter Brox, to prevent lose of profiles You might manage. Send report to Geni.com, requesting the immediate suspension of interference by the Geni Team, and personalized by Noah Tutak, in our further research.

For Geni.com should be clear that a conflict of interest is a situation in which personal interests of employees, Noah Tutak as President of Geni Inc., and obligations arising from his position are in conflict or may be inconsistent for all us as users. Personal interests include employee Noah Tutak, any advantage for him or his close relatives, friends or people from companies or organizations with which he worked or had any links. Interest also includes any burden, whether financial or bond relating to him or his entourage. This is the Main problem, resulting in lack of proper reporting merits of qualitative researchers as Lalu Metev.

[The Geni.com members of Bulgaria]

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