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23.02.2008 08:42 - България в Студената война (2)
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Bulgaria in the Cold War

Letter from A. Solakov to T. Zhivkov re: Accusations against him
September 06 1971 - Solakov"s second letter to Todor Zhivkov regarding accusations against him, expressed at a CC BCP Politburo meeting in July 1971. The accusations caused the removal of Solakov as a Minister of the Interior, and his removal as a CC BCP member. According to Gen. Solakov, he made a mistake of not informing Todor Zhivkov about few rumors. The first one was that he presumably intended to make a Party career with a promotion to the position of CC BCP Secretary. The second was connected with a circulated inside CC BCP compromising information that Solakov allowed the US CIA to receive through the Bulgarian company TEXIM (a cover KDS organization for arms transfer in Third World countries) several million dollars in an Arabic country.
Letter from Y.Andropov to Gen. A. Tzanev with gratitude for received IBM documentation
December 09 1971 -
Information re: Collaboration between MVR and KGB for 1970-1971
December 30 1971 -
Minutes of the joint meeting of the BCP Central Committee, the State Council, and the Council of Ministers, on the Situation in the Middle East
January 01 1972 - Todor Zhivkov reports on his recent visit to the Syrian Arab Republic and the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Letter from KGB with request for not supplying the other "sister countries" with the received operative equipment
January 28 1972 -
Information by Y.Andropov at a meeting with MVR leadership during his visit to Sofia
March 05 1972 -
Letter from Y. Andropov to Gen. A. Tzanev with gratitude for received materials on Algeria, India and the Netherlands
June 15 1972 -
Info ? 566 KGB with a plea for help in a KGB operation in the "Golden Sands" resort near Varna
July 04 1972 -
CC BCP Politburo decision re: Intelligence activity against China
September 20 1972 - BCP CC Politburo approves the request of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Angel Tzanev, for an increase in the intelligence staff in response to the need for expanding intelligence operations in China, Albania, Romania, Yugoslavia and Vietnam – a move closely coordinated with the KGB.
Letter from Gen. M. Spasov and Gen. Gr. Shopov to T. Zhivkov against former Counterintelligence Directorate Chief Gen. Grigorov
September 29 1972 - A Letter to Todor Zhivkov from Gen. Mircho Spasov, former Deputy Minister of the Interior and Deputy Chief of CC BCP "Military" Department, and Gen. Grigor Shopov, First Deputy Minister of the Interior, with accusations against Gen. Georgi Grigorov, former KDS Second Main Directorate (VGU) Chief. In the letter they both insist that instead of being promoted to Vice Chairman of the State Committee of Tourism, Gen. Grigorov had to "to be imprisoned"
Letter from Marshall Ivan Ignatyevich Yakubovsky to Todor Zhivkov
January 23 1973 - A letter accompanying the official 1972 Warsaw Pact Report.
Information from CC BCP re: Dismissal of the charges against army officers for anti-party and anti-state activity
February 19 1973 - Information regarding the reaction of a group of 16 Bulgarian Armed Forces officers, discharged for “anti-party and anti-state activity”. Some of them were rehabilitated with a CC BCP Secretariat Resolution “B-9” on October 13, 1972. The BCP CC’s Military Department recommends that the State Security Committee’s Sixth Directorate continue monitoring the group. KDS should also brief regularly the BCP CC about the behavior of those former officers who have not yet been rehabilitated. While those with favorable disposition towards the Party line should be recommended for future rehabilitation, others who are still standing on “anti-party” positions must be warned in the course.
Letter from Gen. A.Tzanev to E. Mielke with acquired Intelligence information
March 16 1973 -
KGB Info No. 210 re: Kim Philbey (aka Tom) visit to Bulgaria
March 30 1973 -
Correspondence between MVR and KGB re: Provided technical assistance to a KDS operation
May 03 1973 -
Letter from Gen. D. Stoyanov to E. Mielke re: Acquired intelligence informations
July 24 1973 -
Info ? 892 KGB with a plea for collaboration in the exchange of an arrested KGB agent in Tunisia
September 17 1973 -
Minutes of Conversation between Todor Zhivkov – Leonid I. Brezhnev, Voden Residence [Bulgaria]
September 20 1973 - The two leaders discuss trade agreements, the situation in the Balkans, and policies toward Yugoslavia, Romania and the PRC.
Info No. 996 KGB re: Possible hijackings of East European airplanes by Arab terrorists
October 05 1973 -
Info No. 1138 KGB re: Intentions of Arab terrorists in Turkey
November 15 1973 -
Info from Czechoslovak Security Service re: Yugoslav Intelligence activity in Czechoslovakia
November 16 1973 -
Info No. 61 KGB with request for data from the interrogation protocols of arrested in Sofia Israeli spy Henrich Shpeter
January 24 1974 -
Bulgarian Military Intelligence Report on Turkish Military Operation in Cyprus
March 01 1974 - The Ministry of Defense has received information for Turkish plans for invasion of Greece in an event of escalation of the conflict in Cypress.
CC BCP Report to Todor Zhivkov regarding a Request for Arms Delivery to Cyprus in View of a Possible Greek Coup on the Island
March 19 1974 - Wary of a coup attempt sponsored by Athens, Makarios government seeks Bulgarian assistance for closing an arms deal with Czechoslovakia.
Intelligence Information No 21 from Gen. V. Zikulov to T.Zhivkov re: Situation in Cyprus and Greece
March 22 1974 -
Report from D. Stoyanov to T. Zhivkov re: Strengthening of the Bulgarian border with Yugoslavia
June 05 1974 - The Minister of Internal Affairs, Dimitar Stoyanov, reports on the security situation along Yugoslav-Bulgarian border. Since that border is the one most often used by defectors, the Minister proposes a 50% increase in the border patrol troops.
Info No. 664 KGB re: KDS assistance on an active measure toward USA
June 22 1974 -
Bulgarian Military Intelligence Report on Greco-Turkish Battles in Cyprus
July 23 1974 - Report on the hostilities between the two countries during the 1974 Cypress Crisis.
Telegram from Archbishop Makarios to Todor Zhivkov
July 27 1974 - Writing from New York, Makarios seeks Bulgarian support after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus on 20 July 1974.
Info No. 1053 KGB re: KDS asisitance on an active measure toward USA
August 12 1974 -
Intelligence Information No 100 from Gen. V. Zikulov to T.Zhivkov on the Cyprus crisis
August 19 1974 -
Memorandum of Conversation between Todor Zhivkov and Hafez Al Assad
September 30 1974 - The two leaders discuss the Middle East, the American involvement, and the shipment of Soviet weaponry to Syria.
Intelligence Information No 114 from Gen. V. Zikulov to T. Zhivkov re: Iran – Iraq relations
October 09 1974 -
Intelligence Information No 1 from Gen. V. Zikulov to T.Zhivkov re: Personnel changes in Romanian army
January 04 1975 -
Intelligence Information No 14 from Gen. V. Zikulov to T.Zhivkov re: Greek position on Cyprus issue
March 12 1975 -
Todor Zhivkov’s Consultations with Soviet Experts on Relations with Romania
June 11 1975 - Prior to his visit to Bucharest, Todor Zhivkov meets Soviet representatives in Sofia in an attempt to co-ordinate Bulgarian policy toward Romania with the Soviet government. They discuss Soviet-Romanian relations, role of Romania in the Conference for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Romania in the Warsaw Pact and COMECON, Romania and the Non-Aligned Movement, Sino-Soviet relations, etc.
Information re: Y. Andropov’ statement during a MVR delegation visit to Moscow
July 15 1975 -
Memorandum of Conversation, Todor Zhivkov – Sьleyman Demirel
December 09 1975 - The two leaders discuss Bulgarian-Turkish trade relations, initiatives for the Balkans; Greco-Turkish relations, and the issue of repatriation of Bulgarian ethnic Turks.
Plan for the working meetings between Bulgarian and Hungarian Ministries of the Interior for 1976
January 01 1976 - Meeting schedules of the working groups.
Minutes of the meeting between Todor Zhivkov and Fidel Castro in Sofia
March 11 1976 - Conversation for the record between Zhivkov and Castro during a four-day-long state visit of the Cuban leader to Bulgaria. Among the main issues discussed was the state of economic development in both countries, their relations with Albania, China, Romania and Yugoslavia; the Cuban foreign policy in Africa and the Caribbean; the civil war in Angola; the battle for the Third World.
CPSU CC Decree, 26 May 1976
May 26 1976 - This decree concerns the Commander of the United Armed Forced in Bulgaria.
Perspective plan for collaboration between Bulgarian and Polish Counterintelligence services
June 19 1976 -
Information re: Some aspects of Georgi Markov’s activity
July 07 1976 -
Secret BCP Politburo Resolution for Military Aid supply to Certain National-Liberation Movements and Communist Parties
July 16 1976 - 12 million BGN, five-year plan for arms delivery to People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen, Liberation Front of Mozambique (FRELIMO), Lao People"s Revolutionary Party, Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), and the Lebanese Communist Party.
Report re: Agent-operational activities among intelligentsia and mass-media circles
August 10 1976 -
Bulgaria-Angola, Bilateral Relations
October 01 1976 - Background information on Bulgarian-Angolan bilateral relations since Angolan independence.
Minutes of Conversation between Todor Zhivkov and Muammar al-Qaddafi
December 25 1976 - Qaddafi seeks Bulgarian assistance in his attempt to close a deal with the Soviet Union for purchase of weapons and for construction of a nuclear power plant. Todor Zhivkov in turn requests a loan. Both leaders discuss the situation in Yemen, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Syria, Chad, Sudan, and Western Sahara.
Information from Gen. P. Stoyanov re: Subversive activity after CSCE Summit
February 15 1977 -
Information from Gen. V. Kotzev re: Enemy activities after the CSCE Summit in Helsinki
February 15 1977 -
Plan for collaboration between Bulgarian and Polish Ministries of the Interior for 1977
February 15 1977 -
Report, Embassy of Hungary in Belgium to the Hungarian Foreign Ministry
March 03 1977 - The socialist countries at The World Conference for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea draft a resolution that demands withdrawal of American troops from South Korea, as well as cessation of other states providing South Korea with defense capabilities.
Plan for collaboration between Bulgarian and Hungarian Military Counterintelligence services in 1977 – 1980
April 07 1977 -
Information from D. Stoyanov to T. Zhivkov re: Additional data on the Internal Situation and Foreign Policy of Ethiopia
January 01 1978 - The Minister of Internal Affairs, Dimitar Stoyanov reports on the political situation in Ethiopia during the late 1970s. The economic hardship is pushing Mengistu’s government to accept Western aid, in addition to the support it is getting from the Soviet bloc. Mengistu also seems to be critical of the anti-Soviet policy of China.
Ministerial Order re: ?rganization of ?ounterintelligence work against the hostile emigration
February 23 1978 -
Information from VGU KDS re: Assistance to a STASI counterintelligence operation near Varna
June 15 1978 -
Information from Gen. D. Stoyanov re: Agreement between WP security services for establishment of Joint Database System SOUD
July 11 1978 -
Information re: Visit to USSR of a KDS VI Directorate delegation
July 27 1978 -
Letter from Todor Zhivkov to Leonid Brezhnev, Yalta
August 14 1978 - Prior to his meeting with the Soviet leader, Todor Zhivkov lays out some issues of the Bulgarian-Soviet economic cooperation, such as pricing and the resulting trade deficit, and areas of specialization within COMECON.
Policy Statement on the Bulgarian Relations with Angola, Ethiopia, Mozambique, and PDR of Yemen.
October 01 1978 - Policy recommendations for strengthening the political and economic ties between Bulgaria and the countries of the Third World.
Statements of Agostinho Neto, Samora Machel and Mengistu Haile Mariam on the political situation in Zimbabwe
October 16 1978 - Statements made during Todor Zhivkov’s visit to sub-Saharan Africa, 16-19 October 1978
Information re: Meeting with representatives of WP security services in Sofia on a provocation against Bulgarian mission in Cairo
December 06 1978 -
Information ? 2000 KGB re: Multilateral agreement on SOUD
December 20 1978 -
CC BCP Politburo Resolution re: RUMNO personnel abroad enlargement
December 30 1978 -
Agreement for collaboration between Bulgarian and Cuban Ministries of the Interior
January 01 1979 - The agreement specifies the bilateral cooperation in the intelligence field.
Minutes of Conversation, Todor Zhivkov – Leonid Brezhnev
January 13 1979 - Leonid Ilyich analyzes the establishment of US-Chinese diplomatic relations and recent developments in Iran and the Middle East. Todor Zhivkov talks about Bulgaria’s economic development and the Soviet cancellation of Bulgarian debt.
Plan for the work of KDS VI Directorate in 1979
February 05 1979 -
Plan for collaboration between V? Directorate KDS and X Directorate Czecoslovak Ministry of the Interior for the period 1979-1981
February 15 1979 -
KGB Info No. 298-? re: Kim Philbey visit to Bulgaria with his daughter and grandchildren
March 02 1979 -
Memorandum of Todor Zhivkov – Fidel Castro Conversation, Havana
April 09 1979 - Memorandum of a discussion of the future of socialism in Latin America. Castro expects that the social instability of the region will lead to increased socialist influence and revolutionary movements, specifically in Nicaragua and Grenada. He cites two difficulties in his quest to help the Latin American revolutionary forces: his weapons stockpile is running low, and he has agreed to not transfer Soviet weapons to other countries.
Letter from Y.Andropov to Gen. D. Stoyanov with gratitude for received materials on Turkey and Peru
April 27 1979 -
Letter from R. Castro to Gen. D. Stoyanov with an invitation to Gen. P. Chergilanov to visit Cuba
May 10 1979 -
Letter from Constantine Karamanlis to Todor Zhivkov (Attached Correspondence with Nicolae Ceausescu and Josip Broz Tito)
May 11 1979 -
Information re: KDS collaboration with the "fraternal" security services in 1978
May 15 1979 -
Report from the Head of III Dept. KDS, N. Serkedzhieva re: Visit to Moscow in connection with the establishment of SOUD
May 26 1979 -
Report re: Iraqi Intelligence services activity in Bulgaria
May 31 1979 -
Minutes of Todor Zhivkov – Robert Mugabe Conversation, Sofia
July 29 1979 -
Letter from Sofia to Havana re: Perspective plans for Intelligence & Security collaboration
August 07 1979 -
Intelligence analysis of the US-Greek relations
September 08 1979 - A report on the state of bilateral relations with emphasis on military co-operation and the US mediation of the Greco-Turkish disputes.
International Press Coverage of Todor Zhivkov’s Visit to Vietnam, Laos and Campuchea
October 09 1979 -
Information from PGU KDS re: Collaboration between Bulgarian and GDR intelligence
October 22 1979 -
Letter from Todor Zhivkov to Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, Sofia
December 06 1979 -
Information-analysis from Gen. V. Kotzev re: Tendencies in the development of Yugoslavia
January 30 1980 -
Information from Gen. V. Kotzev re: Perspectives of relocating RFE/RE from Munich to USA
February 28 1980 -
Minutes of Conversation between Todor Zhivkov and Muammar al-Qaddafi , Tripoli
March 11 1980 -
Information re: Meeting with the Czech security representative in Bulgaria
March 14 1980 -
Information from Col. V. Todorov re: Bulgarian Liberation Movement (BOD) activity
April 04 1980 -
Minutes of Conversation between Todor Zhivkov and Yasser Arafat, Damascus
April 22 1980 - The two leaders discuss the situation in the Middle East, and the role of the superpowers - the US and the Soviet Union.
Minutes of Conversation between Todor Zhivkov and Hafez Al-Assad, Damascus, 22 April 1980
April 22 1980 - The two leaders talk about recent developments in the Middle East, US-Arab relations, and Soviet support for Arab regimes.
Report from Gen. G. Anachkov re: Visit to Czechoslovakia
May 08 1980 -
Report from Gen. S. Djendov, Head of II Department KDS re: Visit to Czechoslovakia
May 08 1980 -
Meeting of the Collegium MVR re: Operational situation in connection with the 1300 anniversary of the Bulgarian state
June 10 1980 -
Minutes of Conversation between Todor Zhivkov and Samora Machel
September 10 1980 - Both leaders discuss recent developments in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Angola, East Timor, Western Sahara, Poland, and Afghanistan.
Information from MVR representative in Warsaw re: Situation in Poland
September 12 1980 -
Information from Gen. G. Anachkov re: Japanese special services activity against Bulgaria
October 07 1980 -
Letter from Saddam Hussein to Todor Zhivkov on Iraq-Iran War
October 08 1980 -
Minutes of Conversation between Todor Zhivkov and Constantine Karamanlis , Sofia
October 13 1980 -
Information from Gen. G. Anachkov re: Turkish military attaches Intelligence activity
December 11 1980 -
Information from Gen. V. Kotzev re: Situation in the Bulgarian Section of the BBC
December 18 1980 -
Report from MVR representative in Warsaw re: Meeting with Minister Milewski
January 11 1981 -
Info re: Visit of a PGU KDS delegation to Hungary
January 13 1981 -
Report by Capt. Cheneshev from Inernational relations section MVR re: Situation in Poland
February 02 1981 -
CC BCP Secretariat Decision "B" re: Gen. D. Stoyanov’s visit to PDR of Yemen
February 24 1981 -
Information from an agent in Hanoi via MVR representative in Vietnam
February 27 1981 -
Information from Col. T. Petrov re: Explosion near the RFE building in Munich
March 10 1981 -
Information from MVR operative group in Prague re: Situation in Poland
March 15 1981 -
Information re: Visit to Moscow of the Head of ?V Department KDS
April 15 1981 -
Report re: ?gents" activity during major international events
April 15 1981 -
Report from Gen. M. Minkov, Deputy Minister of the Interior re: MVR delegation’s visit to Cuba
June 22 1981 -
Information from Gen. D. Stoyanov to CC BCP re: Visit of Iraqi intelligence service (IGUR) delegation in Bulgaria
July 06 1981 -
Information re: Talks between delegations of VGU KDS and II Main Department STASI on BND
July 16 1981 -
Information from MVR representative in Prague re: Czechoslovak security operation "DELTA"
July 22 1981 -
PGU Information re: The Anti-Socialist Campaign in the West after the assasination attempt against John Paul II
September 11 1981 -
Decision No. 163 of the Council of Ministers re: Grant delivery of weapons for the Ministry of the Interior of Mozambique
October 27 1981 -
KDS VI Directorate Report re: Agent-operational work toward the clergy in 1981
January 06 1982 -
Information re: Collaboration between Bulgarian and Czechoslovak Ministries of the Interior in 1981
January 12 1982 -
Report to D. Stoyanov re: Visit of a VGU KGB delegation in Bulgaria
February 02 1982 -
Letter from Jerry John Rawlings to Todor Zhivkov
March 23 1982 -
Report from Gen. G. Anachkov re: Counterintelligence work against US intelligence activity
April 01 1982 -
Minutes of Todor Zhivkov – Richard Nixon Conversation, Euxinograd Residence [Bulgaria]
July 01 1982 -
Information from Gen. G. Mladenov re: Realization of the tasks in Instruction ?-10/1980 of KDS disinformation activities
July 12 1982 -
Decision No. 143 of the Council of Ministers re: Grant delivery of weapons for the Ministry of the Interior of Nicaragua
August 24 1982 -
Information re: Preparations of Iraqi students in Bulgaria against S. Hussein’s regime
September 08 1982 -
No Title
October 07 1982 -
PGU draft Info for the talks of Gen. D. Stoyanov with E. Mielke
October 07 1982 -
Report re: Collaboration between MVR and Cuban Ministerio del Interior for the period 1979-1982
November 01 1982 -
Letter from Daniel Ortega to Todor Zhivkov
November 12 1982 -
Shorthand Protocol of a MVR Leadership meeting on Turkish issue
November 23 1982 -
Shorthand Protocol “B-44” of CC BCP Politburo meeting on “Antonov Case”
December 29 1982 -
Gen. P. Stoyanov proposal re: Compromising measures against CIA and R. Reagan
December 31 1982 -
MVR Bulletin No. 1-2 re: Anti-Bulgarian imperialistic propaganda in the West
January 11 1983 -
Minutes of Conversation between Todor Zhivkov and Nicolae Ceausescu re: Multilateral Cooperation on the Balkans, Perla Residence [Bulgaria]
February 24 1983 -
Letter from Gen. D. Stoyanov to Gen. C. Kiszczak re: Intelligence materials on RFE and a Solidarity group in Paris
March 11 1983 -
Memorandum of Conversation Todor Zhivkov – John Silkin
April 01 1983 -
PGU KDS Information re: A Turkish journal publication "The Bulgarian Spies"
April 12 1983 -
Letter from V. Cherbikov to Gen. D. Stoyanov with gratitude for received materials on Argentina, India and Portugal
April 25 1983 -
Memorandum of Conversation between Todor Zhivkov and Hans-Dietrich Genscher, Sofia
July 14 1983 -
Letter from Gen. D. Stoyanov to Gen. C. Kiszczak re: Intelligence materials on USA, Yugoslavia, Albania, Iran, etc.
July 15 1983 -
Information from Gen. G. Anachkov re: Albanian intelligence officers’ recruitment of agents in Bulgaria
July 25 1983 -
Report from Gen. G. Anachkov re: New features on the operational situation in Arabic direction
August 04 1983 -
Information re: Counterintelligence work against International terrorism
August 19 1983 -
CC BCP Report on Sam Nujoma’s Visit to Bulgaria
October 22 1983 -
Letter from Gen. V. Kotzev re: Second multilateral S&T Intelligence (NTR) meeting
November 15 1983 -
Letter from Gen. D. Stoyanov to P. Mladenov re: Bekir Celenk’ stay in Bulgaria
November 28 1983 -
Minutes of Conversation between Todor Zhivkov and Dimitri Fyodorovich Ustinov
December 10 1983 -

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