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23.02.2008 08:46 - България в Студената война (3)
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Bulgaria in the Cold War

KDS VI Directorate Report re: Agent-operational work toward the clergy in 1983
December 23 1983 -
Bulletin No 4-MVR re: Subversive activities of the Imperialist countries against Bulgaria
January 24 1984 -
Report from Gen. G. Mladenov re: Subversive activities of the military attaches of NATO, Yugoslavia and China
February 21 1984 -
MVR Information re: Results from the work on the improvement of the System for detection of RYAN indications
March 09 1984 -
Information from Gen. P. Stoyanov re: Situation in the RFE’ Bulgarian section
March 15 1984 -
Shorthand Protocol of the MVR Leadership Meeting on Turkish issue
May 03 1984 -
Information from Gen. G. Mladenov at KDS-STASI meeting on terrorist activity
May 03 1984 -
Letter from Samora Moisйs Machel to Todor Zhivkov on the Situation in Mozambique
May 07 1984 -
Minutes of Conversation: Todor Zhivkov – Konstantin Ustinovich Chernenko, Moscow
May 31 1984 -
Letter from Helmut Kohl to Todor Zhivkov
June 12 1984 -
Minutes of Conversation: Todor Zhivkov – Kim Il Sung, Sofia
June 15 1984 -
Information re: Election of new Secretary General of the Conference of European Churches
July 12 1984 -
Correspondence between KDS and STASI re: "The Bulgarian Connection" in the Assassination Attempt against John Paul II
January 01 1985 - Documents from the STASI archives on the anti-Bulgarian campaign surrounding the investigation of the assassination attempt.
Excerpts from the Indictment of Mehmet Ali Agca
March 10 1985 - Conclusions of the Investigation Case #179/1982 against Mehmet Ali Agca. The indictment contains details of the Bulgarian investigation of the assassination attempt against John Paul II.
Information from Gen. V. Kotzev re: Turkish leftist group’ activity against the security of Turkey
March 26 1985 -
Information from Col. R. Toshkov re: Terrorist groups in Turkey
April 09 1985 -
Information from Gen. A. Mussakov re: Realization of the Instruction on disinformation activities
April 19 1985 -
Minutes of Conversation: Todor Zhivkov – Daniel Ortega Saavedra re: Situation in Central America and Bulgarian Aid to Nicaragua
May 02 1985 -
Information re: Meeting in Moscow between V. Cherbikov and Gen. D. Stoyanov
January 03 1986 -
Info No. 3439 KGB re: 80 terrorist organizations on Turkish territory
January 07 1986 -
Report from the Head of Operative-Technical Directorate (OTU) Gen. P. Barbalov on his visit to GDR
January 16 1986 -
Letter from Gen. D. Stoyanov to E. Mielke with gratitude for the help provided during the “Bulgarian connection” campaign
June 30 1986 -
Letter from MVR to STASI re: Exchange of data on Turkish terrorist group “The Grey Wolfs
November 20 1986 -
Talks between Todor Zhivkov and John Whitehead, US Under Secretary of State, Sofia
February 04 1987 - Discussion of US-Bulgarian relations and ideological/political/economic differences between US Under Secretary of State, John Whitehead and CC BCP Secretary General Todor Zhivkov.
Weekly State Security Review
February 09 1987 - Based on intelligence sources, the Minister of Internal Affairs Dimitar Stoyanov reports on domestic political developments. Among the issues covered in the memo are the domestic repercussions of the January 1987 Plenary Session of the CPSU Central Committee, as well as the Western allegations of human rights violations in regard to Bulgaria’s policy toward the Turkish ethnic minority.
Review on Trial-case 109/96 - Case "Renegades" and Case "Editors"
March 13 1987 -
Letter from Kim Philbey from Moscow to Gen. T. Boydjiev
March 19 1987 -
Information from D. Stoyanov to M. Balev re: Propaganda against People"s Republic of Bulgaria
April 24 1987 - The Minister of Internal Affairs, Dimitar Stoyanov, reports on the coverage in the Western media of the alleged repressions against six Bulgarian dissidents who sent an open letter to the 1986 CSCE Meeting in Vienna. The letter claimed that Bulgaria does not comply fully with the Helsinki Accords on Human Rights of 1975. The Minister reports that although some measures have been taken to neutralize the activities of this particular dissident group, the official investigation has been suspended as there was a risk of further tarnishing Bulgaria’s image abroad.
Talks with Zhao Ziyang and Deng Xiaoping in Beijing
May 06 1987 - Talks with Zhao Ziyang 6 of May 1987 in Beijing regarding Chinese and Bulgarian Communist policies.
Talks with Zhao Ziyang and Deng Xiaoping in Beijing
May 07 1987 - Talks with Deng Xiaoping 7th of May 1987 in Beijing regarding Chinese and Bulgarian Communist policies and accomplishments of these countries.
Memorandum of the CC BCP Department of Foreign Policy and International Relations
May 18 1987 - This document highlights the steps taken by the Bulgarian government to facilitate rapprochement with Afghanistan. The broad aid to Afghan social, political, and economic infrastructure is discussed in detail.
Info No. 1801 KGB re: Results of disclosure of VRYAN indications
June 07 1987 -
From Gr. Shopov to T. Zhivkov re: European Economic Community"s evaluation of the results of CC CPSU June Plenum
August 07 1987 - Based on intelligence reports, the Minister of the Internal Affairs, Grigor Shopov, informs Todor Zhivkov about the European Economic Community’s assessment of the recent June 1987 Plenary Session of the CPSU Central Committee. According to the information, Brussels seems pleased with Gorbachev’s efforts to gather party support for the radical reforms he has recently announced.
Report from Gen. P. Chergilanov re: Visit to Bulgaria of a TGU KGB delegation
September 07 1987 -
Information from Gen. V. Kotzev re: A brochure with materials on U.S. intelligence
September 16 1987 -
Information from D. Stoyanov to G. Yordanov re: discontent among Sofia University employers and professors
October 13 1987 - The Minister of Internal Affairs, Dimitar Stoyanov, informs the Education Minister, Georgi Yordanov, about intelligence reports regarding the rise of discontent among professors, employees and students at the University of Sofia.
Report of Gen. G. Shopov at the multilateral meeting in Varna on the issues of the struggle against terrorism
November 19 1987 -
Information to Gen. D. Stoyanov re: Third multilateral counterintelligence meeting in Moscow on economic issues
December 08 1987 -
Bulletin No 1-MVR re: Subversive activities of foreign journalists in Bulgaria
December 14 1987 -
KDS Framework Program re: Struggle against Turkish Intelligence Services
December 14 1987 -
Intelligence Information No 14 from Gen. V. Zikulov to P.Mladenov re: Report of the US Military Strategy Commission
January 13 1988 -
Shorthand protocol of MVR leadership meeting re: Subversive anti-state groups in North-East Bulgaria
January 18 1988 -
Info ? 403 KGB and PGU Info-reply re: Collaboration with Third World Intelligence services
March 11 1988 -
Letter from Gen. D. Stoyanov to E. Mielke re: Multilateral foreign intelligence meeting in Berlin
May 18 1988 -
Weekly State Security Review from the Ministry of the Interior to T. Zhivkov
June 20 1988 - The Minister of the Internal Affairs, Dimitar Stoyanov, briefs Todor Zhivkov on the weekly domestic developments. Among the most pressing issues is the ongoing popular discontent in Ruse triggered by the unresolved problems with industrial pollution in the city. Another issue is the opposition of the Turkish minority to the revival process.
Decision “A” No 130 Of Politburo of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party
August 12 1988 - After signing the Geneva agreements Politburo of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party thought it necessary to widen the political, economic and moral support to the Republic of Afghanistan.
Letter from V. Cherbikov to Gen. D. Stoyanov re: Glen Souther – a KGB agent
December 13 1988 -
Letter from G. Tanev to P. Mladenov with Information re: New George Bush administration
January 13 1989 -
CC BCP Secretariat Resolution re: Termination the jamming of foreign broadcasts for Bulgaria
March 23 1989 - The BCP CC passes a decision to stop jamming the broadcast of Western radio stations airing programs in Bulgarian. This decision however does not apply to Radio Ankara, whose Bulgarian programming continues to be blocked.
Protocol of a meeting between G. Tanev and D. Djurov with a presentation of the new VKR Head
April 21 1989 -
Official talks between Todor Zhivkov and Andreas Papandreou, Prime Minister of Greece
April 22 1989 - Official talks between the President of the State Council of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria Todor Zhivkov and the Prime Minister of Greece Andreas Papandreou regarding Greek-Bulgarian relations.
Meeting of the Collegium MVR re: The hostile emigration
April 25 1989 -
Report from G.Tanev to T. Zhivkov re: Decoration of Gen.Fiedler, Head of VI Main Department - STASI
May 05 1989 -
Report from G.Tanev to T. Zhivkov re: Decoration of Gen.Fiedler, Head of VI Main Department - STASI
May 05 1989 -
Information re: Multilateral meeting of WP Military Counterintelligence (VKR) services in Moscow
May 17 1989 -
Information re: Countermeasures against enemy defense attaches" S&T Intelligence activity
May 17 1989 -
Statement of Alexander Lilov, CC BCP Politburo Member, at a Meeting with the MVR Leadership
January 06 1990 - Alexander Lilov responds to criticism from the police academy cadets. In an open letter, the cadets, concerned with the softening assimilation policies towards the Turkish minority, claim that Turkish nationalism poses a threat to Bulgaria’s territorial integrity. Lilov dismisses the fears for secession of the predominantly Turkish regions from Bulgaria and reminds his audience that historically Bulgarian nationalism has also been a particularly destructive force.

Photocopies and materials from the trial case against Dr. Radan Sarafov
Letter to the Secretary of the Central Committee of the USSR, comrade B. N. Ponomarev
1970 Date Unknown - A letter describing the state of socialist and communist movements in Latin America with respect to their organized struggle against the imperial influence of the US. The letter indicates that the growth of youth, workers" and women"s movements in Latin America is conducive to the development of stronger ties with the socialist countries around the world. The letter suggests that a strategic approach towards Latin America should be adopted in establishing cooperation in all spheres of life: economic, political, and cultural. An emphasis is placed on the gradual development of close relations with Latin American communist parties.
KDS Bulletin No. 4 with Herman & Brodhead publication in Covert Action (19/1983)
January 01 2003 -


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