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23.02.2008 09:00 - Из дейността на ЦК на БКП
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Bulgarian Communist Party Central Committee


CC BCP Secretariat Decision “B”-116 re: New State Security Directorate’s Structure and Personal Changes of its Leadership
April 30 1947 - Decision Memoranda regarding the personnel changes following the creation of the State Security Directorate.
Bi-Monthly Report from RO (Section "Greece") on Civil war in Greece
September 17 1948 - An intelligence report on the on-going Greek Civil War. Among other things, the report emphasizes the American support for the Greek government and the low morale in the National Army.
Proposal re: Counter-intelligence operation Traitor against Yugoslav agents
February 10 1949 - A proposal for the measures against the Yugoslav agents and their collaborators who, on Tito’s behalf, were allegedly working for the annexation of the Pirin Region by the Yugoslav Federation.
Cipher Telegrams between CC BCP and CC VKP/b/ in reference to a bulgarian request for sending of Soviet investigators to Sofia
May 23 1949 - Stalin and Molotov approve a BCP CC request for the dispatch of Soviet investigators to assist in Kiril Slavkov’s trial
Information at a CC BCP Plenum re: Stalin"s view on the purges in the BCP
January 16 1950 - Georgi Chankov and Vulko Chervenkov present a report before the BCP CC on their recent meeting with Joseph Stalin, Georgi Malenkov and Nikolai Bulganin in Moscow. Among the issues discussed were the ongoing purges in the BCP, the role of the Agrarian Movement in the government, the state of the Bulgarian armed forces and the Bulgarian industrial and agricultural production.
Plan GELENA - agent-operational measures on German intelligence
February 19 1954 - Detailed plan and timetable for the activities to expose intelligence operatives who have previously worked for Gestapo.
Report about VKR successes in the period 1944-1954
July 01 1954 - The report elaborates on the achievements of the army counter-intelligence services over a ten-year period—the eradication of reactionary officers conspiracy groups, the training of new recruits, etc.
CC BCP Politburo Resolution “B” re: DS Intelligence Directorate work.
March 29 1955 - BCP CC’s First Secretary, Vulko Chervenkov, approves Interior Minister Georgi Tsankov’s recommendations for improving the performance of the intelligence and counter-intelligence services.
CC BCP Politburo Resolution "B" re: Protocol for co-operation between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Stasi
October 13 1955 - The CC BCP Politburo approves the protocol for co-operation between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the East German Ministry for State Security (Stasi), agreed upon at a September meeting in Berlin.
Minutes of a BCP Politburo meeting for the Investigation of the Political Processes of 06/26/1956
June 26 1956 - Georgi Tsankov testifies before a BCP CC Commission for the Investigation of the Political Trials [against opposition leaders]. He emphasizes the role of the Soviet advisor to the Bulgarian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Gen. Filatov, regarding the human rights abuse of detainees. Vulko Chervenkov talks about Filatov’s disregard of Politburo’s policy decisions, as well as about his eventual withdraw to Moscow by Stalin.
Bulgarian Military Intelligence Information on the Situation in Hungary and Poland
November 01 1956 - This intelligence report discusses the domestic political developments in Poland after the ascent of Wladyslaw Gomulka to the top of the Polish United Workers" Party (PZPR).The events surrounding the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 are also mentioned.
Letter from T. Zhivkov to CC CPSU Presidium re: Training of Bulgarian Military Intelligence officers at Intelligence courses in the USSR
September 01 1958 - Todor Zhivkov requests from Moscow training of Bulgarian intelligence officers.
Top Secret BCP Politburo Resolution on Arms Delivery to Cuba
December 02 1961 - A proposal from the Minister of Foreign Trade, G. Kambuliev, for the donation to Cuba of 35,000 automatic rifles, recently decommissioned by the Bulgarian military.
Information from a CC BCP Secretariat Commision on the results of the investigation regarding the regime at the Lovech’ Labor Camp
April 05 1962 - Commission’s findings confirm the allegations of prisoner abuse in the two major labor camp sites – Lovech (for male detainees) and Skravena (for female detainees). The report concludes that camp living conditions and the physical abuse of detainees constitute a divergence from the party policy on combating crime. The report further recommends that the two labor camps be closed down and that the former leadership of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs take full responsibility for the negative consequences of camps’ existence.
Proposal of the Minister of the Interior D. Dikov to CC BCP Secretariat re: Exchange of arrested agents between Bulgaria and Greece
February 09 1963 - The Minister of Internal Affairs, Diko Dikov, seeks authorization from the BCP CC Secretariat for the proposed exchange of captured intelligence operatives between Greece and Bulgaria.
Minutes of Todor Zhivkov – Raul Castro Meeting in Sofia
March 26 1965 - Zhivkov lays out his perspective on the place of Bulgaria within the Communist Camp. He also talks about the Balkans and the rift between Bulgaria and Romania. Both leaders discuss the Chinese accusations of Soviet Revisionism. Raul Castro talks about the strength of the communist movements in Latin America and the prospects for successful social revolutions in Venezuela, Chile, Costa Rica, Uruguay, and Brazil.
Resolution “B-6” of CC BCP Politburo re: prevention of Western spying on the BCP CC communication channels
April 05 1965 - Decision Memorandum of the CC BCP Politburo authorizing the Council of Ministers to take all necessary steps to prevent wiretapping party officials’ phone lines by foreign intelligence services.
CC BCP Politburo Resolution on the Separation of KDS from The Ministy of the Internal Affairs
July 06 1965 - The restructuring in the BCP CC and the establishment of the State Security Committee to the Council of Ministers.
A Proposal from KDS Chairman A. Solakov to CC BCP Secretariat re: Recruitment of Foreign Students in Bulgaria
November 17 1965 - The State Security Committee chair, Angel Solakov, seeks authorization from the BCP CC Secretariat to recruit foreign nationals, residing in Bulgaria as university students and military academy cadets.
CC BCP Politburo Resolution on Bulgarian Intelligence actions against China and Albania
January 11 1966 - CC BCP Politburo approves Angel Solakov’s recommendation the State Security Committee to commence intelligence and counter-intelligence operations against PRC and Albania. In an attached report Solakov lays out the rationale for such actions. Solakov cites cases where the Chinese and Albanian intelligence services have allegedly embarked upon anti-Soviet actions in various countries of Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.
Secret Decree of the Council of Ministers of the PR of Bulgaria for the Participation of Bulgarian Troops in the Warsaw Pact Operation in Czechoslovakia
August 20 1968 -
Minutes of Todor Zhivkov – Indira Gandhi Meeting, Delhi
January 24 1969 - The two leaders talk about Vietnam, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the situation in Europe.
Letter from A. Solakov to T. Zhivkov re: Accusations against him
September 06 1971 - Solakov"s second letter to Todor Zhivkov regarding accusations against him, expressed at a CC BCP Politburo meeting in July 1971. The accusations caused the removal of Solakov as a Minister of the Interior, and his removal as a CC BCP member. According to Gen. Solakov, he made a mistake of not informing Todor Zhivkov about few rumors. The first one was that he presumably intended to make a Party career with a promotion to the position of CC BCP Secretary. The second was connected with a circulated inside CC BCP compromising information that Solakov allowed the US CIA to receive through the Bulgarian company TEXIM (a cover KDS organization for arms transfer in Third World countries) several million dollars in an Arabic country.
CC BCP Politburo decision re: Intelligence activity against China
September 20 1972 - BCP CC Politburo approves the request of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Angel Tzanev, for an increase in the intelligence staff in response to the need for expanding intelligence operations in China, Albania, Romania, Yugoslavia and Vietnam – a move closely coordinated with the KGB.
Information from CC BCP re: Dismissal of the charges against army officers for anti-party and anti-state activity
February 19 1973 - Information regarding the reaction of a group of 16 Bulgarian Armed Forces officers, discharged for “anti-party and anti-state activity”. Some of them were rehabilitated with a CC BCP Secretariat Resolution “B-9” on October 13, 1972. The BCP CC’s Military Department recommends that the State Security Committee’s Sixth Directorate continue monitoring the group. KDS should also brief regularly the BCP CC about the behavior of those former officers who have not yet been rehabilitated. While those with favorable disposition towards the Party line should be recommended for future rehabilitation, others who are still standing on “anti-party” positions must be warned in the course.
Minutes of Conversation between Todor Zhivkov – Leonid I. Brezhnev, Voden Residence [Bulgaria]
September 20 1973 - The two leaders discuss trade agreements, the situation in the Balkans, and policies toward Yugoslavia, Romania and the PRC.
CC BCP Report to Todor Zhivkov regarding a Request for Arms Delivery to Cyprus in View of a Possible Greek Coup on the Island
March 19 1974 - Wary of a coup attempt sponsored by Athens, Makarios government seeks Bulgarian assistance for closing an arms deal with Czechoslovakia.
Report from D. Stoyanov to T. Zhivkov re: Strengthening of the Bulgarian border with Yugoslavia
June 05 1974 - The Minister of Internal Affairs, Dimitar Stoyanov, reports on the security situation along Yugoslav-Bulgarian border. Since that border is the one most often used by defectors, the Minister proposes a 50% increase in the border patrol troops.
Information from D. Stoyanov to T. Zhivkov re: Additional data on the Internal Situation and Foreign Policy of Ethiopia
January 01 1978 - The Minister of Internal Affairs, Dimitar Stoyanov reports on the political situation in Ethiopia during the late 1970s. The economic hardship is pushing Mengistu’s government to accept Western aid, in addition to the support it is getting from the Soviet bloc. Mengistu also seems to be critical of the anti-Soviet policy of China.
Weekly State Security Review
February 09 1987 - Based on intelligence sources, the Minister of Internal Affairs Dimitar Stoyanov reports on domestic political developments. Among the issues covered in the memo are the domestic repercussions of the January 1987 Plenary Session of the CPSU Central Committee, as well as the Western allegations of human rights violations in regard to Bulgaria’s policy toward the Turkish ethnic minority.
Information from D. Stoyanov to M. Balev re: Propaganda against People"s Republic of Bulgaria
April 24 1987 - The Minister of Internal Affairs, Dimitar Stoyanov, reports on the coverage in the Western media of the alleged repressions against six Bulgarian dissidents who sent an open letter to the 1986 CSCE Meeting in Vienna. The letter claimed that Bulgaria does not comply fully with the Helsinki Accords on Human Rights of 1975. The Minister reports that although some measures have been taken to neutralize the activities of this particular dissident group, the official investigation has been suspended as there was a risk of further tarnishing Bulgaria’s image abroad.
Information from D. Stoyanov to G. Yordanov re: discontent among Sofia University employers and professors
October 13 1987 - The Minister of Internal Affairs, Dimitar Stoyanov, informs the Education Minister, Georgi Yordanov, about intelligence reports regarding the rise of discontent among professors, employees and students at the University of Sofia.
Weekly State Security Review from the Ministry of the Interior to T. Zhivkov
June 20 1988 - The Minister of the Internal Affairs, Dimitar Stoyanov, briefs Todor Zhivkov on the weekly domestic developments. Among the most pressing issues is the ongoing popular discontent in Ruse triggered by the unresolved problems with industrial pollution in the city. Another issue is the opposition of the Turkish minority to the revival process.
Foreign Policy and International Relations” department of the CC BCP
August 03 1988 - The Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party widens economic and social support for the Republic of Afghanistan after singing the Geneva Agreements.
Statement of Alexander Lilov, CC BCP Politburo Member, at a Meeting with the MVR Leadership
January 06 1990 - Alexander Lilov responds to criticism from the police academy cadets. In an open letter, the cadets, concerned with the softening assimilation policies towards the Turkish minority, claim that Turkish nationalism poses a threat to Bulgaria’s territorial integrity. Lilov dismisses the fears for secession of the predominantly Turkish regions from Bulgaria and reminds his audience that historically Bulgarian nationalism has also been a particularly destructive force.


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